Zia Cosplay, March 2013

This is a bit late, and most of you have seen pictures on my Facebook page, but here’s a breakdown on the Zia costume I made this year if anyone’s interested.


The pants were fairly straight-forward, so I started with them. The’re pretty standard bloomers, on steroids. I worked from a bloomers pattern and made them much wider, and then added layers.


First I made some bias tape to make the pink stripes, which I top-stitched on (so booooooring and a long process).


The outer layer is stretch poplin, which has quite a bit of body. I put in a layer of tulle and then some cotton broad cloth for lining so they’d be comfy.



The jacket was much more involved! I didn’t have a pattern that looked remotely like it, so I draped it from scratch. I didn’t have a dress form Caitie’s size (she is a tiny person!) so I ordered a new size Small adjustable dress form. Introducing Catalina! She’s a Dritz Sew You, and I’m very happy with her. She’s light-weight, of course, and made of cheap plastic. But I haven’t had any issues with adjusting her, and I really appreciate the front dials for quicker adjustments (Matilda, my size Medium Dritz My Double Deluxe doesn’t have that).


I adjusted Catalina to Caitie;s measurements, and came up with a pattern pretty quickly.

2013-02-26_20-42-01_231 2013-02-26_20-42-58_698

The major challenge was the collar! I think Zia’s voluminous collar is pleated. SO I made the shape of the collar without the pleats to get the general shape right:


I added the pleats by cutting the collar into 1-1/4 inch strips and then with paper adding in 2 inches between the strips. Getting the pleats to match up and go in a direction that would maintain the shape of the collar was a nightmare. It took about 6 hours, but I did it!


Face fabric time! I used a poly-cotton gabardine for the main fabric, which is soft and has a nice drape for a jacket. Then some shiny copper costume satin for the accent backed with stiff interfacing. I acquired four delicious brass buttons at Fabric.com and six PERFECT tassels thanks to the Tassel Outlet on Etsy. I lined the jacket in copper cotton broadcloth. For the collar, I used a double layer of warm and comfy wool blend coating. Since the coating is so lush, it tended to droop in the front. I fixed that problem with two small pieces of corset boning.

2013-04-02_12-44-19_672 2013-04-02_12-44-36_297 2013-04-02_12-44-55_272 2013-04-02_12-45-07_657 2013-04-02_12-45-37_306 2013-04-02_12-45-46_299


Zia made her first con appearance at Anime Central! More pictures to come, whenever Caitie gets them to me – hint hint!!



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